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Thursday, November 28, 2013


Yes, now I'm blogging. Ok, first thing in mind bila sebut Penang is Hard Rock Hotel Penang. Yes, been there twice & I definitely go there again! For the first visit, we stay at Seaview room and for the second stay is Lagoon View. This is definitely the boom because once you open the slide, the pool/lagoon is just in the blink of an eye! Can you imagine that having pool (in your house) just in front of the room. I would like to have it but how??? If I married to millionaire maybe I can fulfill my dream! (ahaksss in your dream lah Hani) Been to Penang just for 2 days is not enough. So many place tak pergi visit! I even tak pergi take picture at Ernest Zacharevic Murals of George Town. Can you imagine?? I went with family and pity my mom can't go walk jauh-jauh sebab dah berumur kan.... I think I wanna go again to Penang just backpacking with girlfriends! Tu pon kalau ada yang nak temankan pergi lah! Ok, pic below is my pic masa kat Hard Rock!

Ni masa bangun pagi and menikmati alam indah ciptaan TUHAN...

Having a nice parasailing kat laut depan Hard Rock Hotel!

Ni masa celebrate my brother & sis in law's 13th anniversary kat Hard Rock Cafe!

Penang, I will come again, definitely!!!!!!!

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