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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My winning entry for Sharp Aquos 40" TV - Won from Facebook (Thanks Mark!)

Alhamdulillah is what I can say.... It's not that I can't buy the TV (nowadays TV is getting cheaper and cheaper) but the satisfaction of winning and the feeling is thing that I can't describe. The TV is for my mother and I am glad she loves it! Alhamdulillah.....

Now read the story... This is being inspired by TRUE STORY

My parent's great love stories began in year 1974. My late father was a Malaysian Royal Navy base in Woodlands, Singapore and my mother is a Singaporean and a factory worker. They met for the first time during Hari Raya at my grandparent's house as my grandfather invited him and one of his friend after Aidilfitri prayer to their house. My mother just 18 years old then and just started work at Baxter factory just before the fasting month and she never saw my father before. Just like a Hindustan movie, they have their first sight and then fell in love and my mother dropped the coffee that she brought to my father and his friend. My grandmother scolded her and she feel so embarrassed and went off to the kitchen and never when back to the hall. After my father and his friend finished their Raya meal, they shake my grandfather's hand and went off and my mother didn't see them again. After a while, around 4 months later, my mother seems like forget about her "first-love-at-the-first-sight"(she thought) and moving on with her life. That time there is so expensive to get the home phone lines and no other option other than writing the letters. My mother seems gave up but the miracle happened. One day, she just got back from her work, she saw someone familiar. It was my father. My father waited my mother more than 2 hours in front of my grandparent's house and brought one paper bag. My mother was shocked and she couldn't believe what she saw! She was so so happy but she kept control it or in Malay we called it "JUAL MAHAL". Furthermore, my late grandparents kept stalking them and that's makes my mother more "JUAL MAHAL"

Then my father told my mother that he went away sailing to India a day after they met and he actually asked his friend (the one that went together with him earlier) to send the messages (letters) but according to my mother the messages was never being received even tough his friend kept asking my mother out for a movie or dinner. But my mother never says yes as my father was always in her mind. My father was like shocked and wondering what actually his friend up too. Nevertheless, they kept talking for hours and then my father gave the paper bag. My mother peeked and saw that he bought my mother a beautiful sari fabrics originally from India and ask my mother to make a baju kurung.
Then my father went back to the base and face up with his friend. Then he knew the real story behind all the "betrayals". Actually his friend also have the heart to my mother but my mother was loyal to my father even they never have any relationship or attachment (only by heart, awww so romantic!). Back to my father's friend, he knows he never had a chance with my mother and then he apologized to my father. My father is one soft-hearted person and he promised that he will ask my mother to introduce someone to him. Yes, after two weeks, just before they sail to Jakarta, my mother introduced my father's friend to one of her girlfriend and they dating after that. And 4 months later after they went back from Jakarta, they got married.
Just like other couples, my parents also have their ups and downs during their long-distance relationship. My father is quite a handsome man, and some of my mother's friends kept bothering him and some even slandering about my mother, but that won't stop them because they TRUST each other. Their love was so strong (and I'm quite jealous, ha ha ha)
My parent's tied the knot in June 1975 and she wore a baju kurung sari fabrics that my father bought for her. My father purposely bought it for their wedding as my father also bought one cloth for him to make baju melayu, even before they met for the second time. Awww... That is so sweet! And the wedding was so simple.  Just a akad nikah ceremony in front of the kadi & close family and RM1,000 hantaran (that time one of the highest hantaran). One week after the wedding, my father had to sail to Cairo, Morroco and UAE for 6 months. My mother told me that my father left 24 letters for my mother to read one letter per week for 6 months. He will left a letters again and again once he sails for my mother to read. My mother showed the letters to me few years ago and I feel like crying when I read it (most of it, because it's too many) Truly, their love was more stronger than I expected.
Now my father had left us for almost 4 years. My mother will never a second stop thinking about him. And she will never remarried ever again because she wants to meet my father in heaven. I love to tease her asked her to remarry again and she will reply to me "Your mother will never marry again as your mother is so "syiokkk"* with your father!" Hahahaha... How I wish my husband will be just romantic like my late father.
I love you abah, and you will always remain in special place in my heart! And Mak, my love is all for you and I will always love you forever eternally!!!

*syiokkk = so deeply in love

~ I hope my future other half will be just romanti just like my late father. Al-Fatihah to him.... Oh God, I miss you bah! 

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