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Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013... But actually not a goodbye..

31 December 2013

2013 is leaving me and us. Welcome 2014. Yeah, sad but it's the truth. This years holds a lot of my memories, I mean a lots!!! This is serious! 

Ok, first of all, this year is 2nd years I celebrated all the occasions without my beloved father, MD ZAIN BIN ZAINAL ABIDIN. How I miss you abah, only ALLAH knows. Al-Fatihah to my beloved father. I always keep you deep down in my heart and no one, I mean seriously like no one could ever replace you in my heart. I will stay strong for mak and I just want her to be happy with me and I will make sure she will be happy always. InsyaAllah... 

My beloved arwah abah

2013 also is my biggest comeback on Twitter - yeah through contests! I started my journey of twitter by joining #StartWithNescafe contest. Actually I'm not really interested in twitter eventhough I have the account like 2-3years ago. One morning in September, I feel like to check my twitter (after installed back the apps in my 3GS iphone [yeah, I still use 3GS iphone ok, don't laugh please]) and then I saw one contest with a lot of hashtags of #StartWithNescafe. And then I decided to join and rest are history. I won total of RM400 and 3 goodies bags containing of a Nescafe coaster, mugs, Nescafe and bags! Heaven isn't it? 

Nescafe prizes

And speaking of contest, it just like something that inseparable from me now. I love contest & will always do. And the best part of all, I can say the biggest achievement through out 2013, the best prizes and the best end year prizes -  I won SONY PS4! Can you believe it? Brand new SONY PS4! I sent my entry for Post2Win contest and I was chosen as the third winner. I scream like mad and jumping around because it's SONY PS4! Yeah SONY PS4! Everybody who is gamers is desperate to get it. But in the end, my ads caught their attention and I won! Happy me!!!!!

SONY PS4! *this is only illustration*

Enough about contest, 2013 also full of vacations. In January, me and mak went to Cameron Highlands because there were a reunion with my unimate from diploma PA 116. I am the one who organized it, even only 8 of us (including Kak Siti) but it was a fun reunion, we was so happy and had a lot of fun. 

Cameron Highlands with unimate PA116

In January also, my cousin, Kak Mimi from Terrengganu lent me her car Toyota Prius because her son, Faiz (who study in UTM Skudai) is going for sem break and she did not allowed him to drive the Prius to Terengganu. Then her son dropped the car and my place and I "take care of the car" for around 3 months. In the middle of CNY holiday, I decided to go to Terengganu with mak (yes, just both of us) and I drove Prius, after got the permission from Abg Nazir, my cousin's husband of course. I calculated only RM 200 that I spent on petrol, PG-Kuala Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu-PG. Awesome huh? Prius is so fuel save! We stayed at their house in Taman Permint Jaya and we went to Noor Arfah Batik House for shopping, Pasar Payang and I went to meet my old friend Nina who stayed in Terengganu after she married.

Terengganu with relatives, arwah abah's side

Then, by end of April, we one family went for our holiday in Penang! Yeah, this is the part that I like. Me and mak paid only RM120 for return flight for two! Yes, no joke! Of course I booked a year before lah! Air Asia lah katakan!!! We stayed at Hard Rock Hotel for the first day and our room is Lagoon View. Yes, I can dive into the pool just by open the sliding door! How I wish I can that kind of house. Ahhh, in your dream Hani! We had so so so much fun! We swam until the sun goes down and this is actually the second time we stayed in HRH. After swimming session, hungriness attack! That we go and dine at Hard Rock Cafe. I have one suprise for my first brother and first sis in law. I bought a small rainbow cake from online bakery that I found in the net & celebrated their 13th anniversary in HRC. The staffs was so friendly, sang together and even took our picture and print it for us for free! Yeah 2 copies of course! I definitely will come again to HRH!

From Penang with loves!

In early June, we one family went to Langkawi! This is my first time ever went to Langkawi. Just RM250 per pax! So cheap. We joined Ain's (my first sis in law's friend) family & relatives trip to Langkawi. Langkawi is a heaven for tourist. Despite the 8-10 hours of trip from JB-Langkawi, we had fun shopping at Hj Ismail Group (chocolate's heaven and Pyrex's heaven), ride Mat Cincang's cable car, going around Langkawi ride a bike with mak! Yeah, now I'm no afraid anymore to ride a bike! What can I conclude, I want to go to Langkawi again!

Langkawi with family

Ride bike with mak

In Aug, we stayed one night in Melaka on the first day of Hari Raya and having a nice meal at Hard Rock Cafe Melaka. It's my first time been there and I just love the ambient. But compared to HRC in Penang, I love the Penang live band more than in HRC Melaka. But the food was great! 

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

Other than that, me and mak went went to Kuching in September to have our mother-daughter moment together. And of course have purchased the ticket a year before. Only RM 108 return flight per person. Amazing huh? As we reached there, we found new friends and she is Shida and her sister. They treated us just like family & we felt so welcomed. Shida brought us to Kuching Museum, shopping pottery/vases, shopping layer cakes & ikan terubuk masin and go around Kuching Town using my rental car. What a moment. We felt so blessed because found a very friendly and good people in Kuching. We had a lot of happy memories in Kuching.

Me & mak in Kuching, Sarawak

With Shida's family

Other than that we had 2 times a short vacay to KL, Morib & Shah Alam in Nov. We celebrated Hafiy's birthday as well. I feel so bless because I have a beautiful family that really support me, been there for me & bring me & mak to vacation always! 

Celebrate Hafiy's birthday at Papa's John Plaza Shah Alam 

And in Dec, I went to see theater Kesaktian Anak Raja Gondang at Istana Budaya with 2 my best girlfriends, Dilah & Shu. Of course, I won the tickets via facebook contest organized by RedTix. After 2 years, now I'm back to watch the theater. You can read on my previous post about the theater, how I went to KL by bus, yes this is serious. By bus! After 6 years, I went to KL alone just by bus! What a happy me!!

Me, Dilah & Shu at Istana Budaya

And also the best part, mak now happy because now she can see her other grandsons and granddaughters!! We had a lil bit misunderstanding in family (who doesn't right) and now all back in track! I just concern about my mother's health & happiness and that it! That's my real goal and aim. 

Having one night stay at Pan Pac hotel with my nephews and nieces! This is 5 of them

And this is my 14-years-old nephew, Aie

Swimming time with my second sis in law.

For 2014, maybe need to change a lil bit lah! Aim & goal for Jim Wau Dal Wau Ha maybe.... InsyaAllah... It's all depends on ALLAH, if ALLAH says YES, Alhamdulilllah, if the answer is still NO, I accept it with open heart.  

Ok, that's it! Have a blast new year and set your goal and aim ok! Let the new year begins!!!!! 

And 3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! 🎉🎊🎈🎆🎇🍕🍗🍪🍫🎂🍩

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